Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wholesale Merchandise - What Do I Sell?

What is it that you are looking for? Do you want to sell something online that is specific? Or, do you not even care as long as you can get going online selling something, anything?

I know how you feel.

How Do I Find Wholesale Merchandise?

This is the top question of all of those itching to kick off an ecommerce store selling something that either interests them personally or seems to be a hit on the Internet. Your hunt for that wholesale merchandise is the challenge because there are so many scammers and middle-men out there that are willing to squeeze every penny out of the unknowing retailer.

My first suggestion to you is to explore Google and Yahoo. You may run across a few suppliers. Always email them, or call them. You should verify that they are legit and are responsive. Imagine getting involved with a supplier of wholesale merchandise and not being able to contact them, and I assure you from experience, you will need to contact them at some point.

There is nothing more difficult than finding a legit wholesale merchandise drop-shipper or wholesaler online through simple search engine exploration. My advice to you is to go through a service that supplies a list of wholesalers. Again, you should find one that is reputable.

What Sort of Wholesale Merchandise Should I Sell?

This is a personal question more than anything. To give you an answer, let me tell you a bit about my own beginnings and how I made that decision. I will not tell you that it was the best decision, so I will go onto explain what I do currently when considering a new business.

My Experience

I started Knife & Supply Company, LLC – Pocket Knife Shop a few years ago. I chose pocket knives as my wholesale merchandise because of my personal interest.

Being that I enjoy collecting pocket knives, it is easy for me to build my business and grow my reputation as an expert because I have quite a bit of knowledge about pocket knives.

However, to be honest, selling pocket knives online is very challenging. I never considered such things as the fact that collectors like to feel the blade and weight in their hand. They like to look the knife over for defects and such. This is impossible online.

I will not tell you that my choice of wholesale merchandise was a mistake as my business is quite successful, but I have to be honest and say that the competition is fierce and keeping this business on top is quite the challenge.

My Advice

Choose wholesale merchandise that you enjoy and that you have researched. Check out the competition. Observe their websites. See how they rank in the search engines. Email them and ask questions about their products. Get their newsletter or mailing list. Learn and then learn some more before diving in.

With all of the above in mind, you should do well in choosing your wholesale merchandise. Take your time and enjoy it, that is key.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wholesale Merchandise - How to Buy

Buying wholesale merchandise by Gunaseelan

Are you new into retail business? Or are you planning to start a new retail business? The first thing that comes to mind is what to do? What to sell? And how to sell it? Retail business largely depends on what you sell, when you sell it and how you sell it. Opportunity may come just for a small period of time so time is critical, when that time has passed, that opportunity may never come again. Now once you have decided what to sell, then you must be thinking of where to find it. Of course find a good wholesaler.

So you are through the first step, you have decided which product or product line you would sell, its now time to find place for wholesale merchandise. For finding a good wholesaler, you can ask people around you, the retailers also, if they would like to share the information. Or you can visit a wholesaler directory on the internet to find the best wholesaler of your choice. Another thing could be done, which is very practical, visit you competitors, visit their retail stores, and observe every thing very carefully and make a map in the mind. See how has he arranged the products and items, what products are getting sold more than other, which company's products are most popular etc. This will give you a pretty good idea that how could you start your retail business and what are the things that will bring customer to your store and what will make them loyal customer, and which products to prefer etc. And if the competitor is not of your place, he may share the information related to the wholesaler.

You can visit a trade show as it is one of the best places to buy wholesale merchandise to sell on your store. Once your business is up and running, finding a wholesaler will not be difficult. One thing that could boost your business as well as relationship with your customers is that you can ask your customer what they would like to see in the store. Ask them verbally or make a survey form and request them to fill the form. That way it will be easier for you to find what customers want.

Some manufacturers sell their products at wholesale rates. If this is the case, contact them directly or otherwise ask them to what distributors they sell their products through so that you will know where to buy the items. Retailers could also buy products from importers, who import things from foreign countries or they could buy products from distributors. Distributors have marginally higher prices than of manufacturer's price because they have to get their share of profit too. Another good place to look for wholesale merchandise is internet. And on internet the most prominent website that could offer you products and wholesale rates is eBay. Visit their wholesale sections, browse through the items, learn how to use eBay and participate in live auctions. Once you have got some idea of how you can use eBay effectively, you can buy items through auctions which could benefit you and you business.

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